Iris Kirby House - Empowerment Groups

At first you may feel as if you’re all alone in your struggle. As a participant of IKH Empowerment group, you’ll soon discover that abuse happens to many people, for many reasons. Hearing others talk about their struggles and triumphs will inspire you. Likewise, you’ll experience the joy and relief of expressing your emotions without guilt or judgment. You’ll build new friendships, bonding over the things you’ve endured and the new experiences you’ll share.

This group offers and educational component as well as an opportunity for self discovery

It is a 10 week program offered at least twice a year.

Average number of group participants is 10.

This group is open to women in the community who are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse in her life.

Experienced facilitators

Some topics for this group include; healthy vs unhealthy relationships, trauma bonding, grieving, boundaries, coping skills and self esteem

Contact: 17097531492