Abigail's Learning Centre - Fathers Matter

Fathers make incredible and irreplaceable impacts on the life of their child. In fact, fathers matter very much to their children, and the contribution that they make is an essential part of a child’s healthy development. Children need their fathers and fathers need their children.

What Services and Supports are Offered?

  • I’m a Parent Now - Effective Fathering for Young Dads
  • Just for New Dads!
  • Building Healthy Brains - Brains aren’t just born - they’re also built.
  • What to Expect in the First Year
  • Healthy Masculinity - Keeping your Cool and a Healthy Emotional State
  • Healthy Relationships - Your Child is Impacted by your Relationships
  • 24 hour Cribside Assistance - Understanding your child

Our team of professionals can help offer resources, valuable parenting tools and assist you with securing food, housing and safety.

Contact: 16139611884