Community Living - Adult/Senior Services and Community Participation Supports

Passport supports adults who have an intellectual disability, allowing them to be involved in their communities and live as independently as possible:

  • Classes and supports to help develop independence, social and life skills, such as: literacy, cooking, managing money, computer skills, assistance with personal care needs
  • Participation in community events, such as: club memberships, festivals, museums, sports events, and more
  • Pre-employment training and supports, such as: skills training, resume development and job coaching
  • Transportation services and support
  • A support worker to accompany the person to community participation and daily living services, if required or requested. This includes a support worker’s expenses while providing supports (meals, transportation and activity fees, expenses for accompanying the person during trips)
  • Caregiver respite is temporary help to provide a break to primary caregivers. This can be during the day, evening or weekend, and can be in-home or out-of-home

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