The AIDS Network - Support Services (Hamilton)

The AIDS Network provides support services to people living with and affected with HIV and AIDS and populations vulnerable to HIV infection. We offer:

Individualized One on One Supports

Trained counselors provide Client Centered support to:

  • People living with or affected by HIV/AIDS
  • People who are at-risk for HIV infection

Practical Support for Individuals living with HIV

  • Individual, home-cooked meals
  • An emergency food bank
  • A vitamin and meal replacement program
  • A food box program in partnership with the Good Shepherd
  • Transportation support to medical appointments
  • Access to YMCA memberships
  • Support groups
  • Prison outreach support
  • Referrals (ie to housing agencies or employment training)
  • Complementary therapies (chiropractor)
  • Group Social Support Activities

The AIDS Network also hosts numerous social support activities throughout the year. 

Contact: 18665630563 or [email protected]