Kitchener - Waterloo Extend-A-Family Association

As an organization, Board and Staff, we believe strongly in Servant Leadership. We embrace continuous learning about how to improve the ways in which we serve and we believe and act in ways that are respectful and anti-oppressive. A deep respect for the knowledge and expertise that is held by families underlies our desire to work in partnership with them, to work alongside and together with the families and adults we serve. This desire extends to working in partnership with others in the community. Our approach is person-centred, focused on the person we serve first and foremost paying close attention to their dreams, needs, abilities, hopes and contributions. Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region offers a variety or programs for all ages and all abilities. Our coordinators and facilitators have a person-centred approach with everything we do, putting you and your desires first. You make the choices, set the goals and decide what you want, and we will help make that happen.

Contact: 15197410190 or [email protected]