Global 180 - The Fuse

180:Fuse has been operating within Peel schools since its inception in early 2011. 180:Fuse events are always free to attend and are open to any middle school youth (grade 6-8). Traditionally, events include gym activities – large group games, Snack Shack and lounge, and creative communication – encouraging adolescents in their development to “become people of strong character, knowing their value and purpose and making wise choices in order to make a positive influence on their family, school and community” (Global 180 Vision).

Launching in October 2020, our 180:Fuse events will be moving to a virtual format and will be streaming live on YouTube! Events will be occurring live and will be one hour in length. The first half hour will include games, prize give-aways and a communication piece. The optional second half hour will be an interactive Zoom call with students and our staff where we can connect, discuss, and play some more games! No sign up is necessary.

Contact: 16479885662 or