Westpark Early Learning Centre - Pre-School Program

Ages 2 ½ years – 4 years

For our Preschool Program, our educators focus on children’s five main domains of development with the addition of academic development. In our preschool program, parents are provided with an academic evaluation twice a year. Academic development includes introduction of maths and science activities. Each week a math and science activity is planned based on the children’s interests.

Our math activities focus on number recognition, counting, sorting, patterns, colours and shapes, etc, through block play, sensory play, puzzles, songs, and books. 

Our science activities focus on incorporating nature into the classroom environment, children are given every opportunity to explore, observe and experience nature and life with focus on plants, weather, animals, planets and senses. Children are provided with various materials for exploration such as magnifying glasses, magnets, measuring tools, and prisms.

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