Centretown CHC - Homeless & In Transition

The goal of the Urban Health program is to reach and provide primary care to complex and marginalized individuals or families who lack access to a Primary Care Provider. The Urban Health program is a comprehensive program delivered by an interprofessional team.

  • Bookable appointment for clients and families when an appointment model serves them best
  • Primary care by family doctors, nurse practitioners and nurses including treatment for acute issues, chronic disease management and palliative care
  • Social supports services including harm reduction, case management, care coordination, system navigation (social & healthcare), shower access, coaching, and counselling, and practical support
  • Access to mental health and addictions counselling
  • On site access to speciality services including psychiatry, diabetes education and management, lung health, and hepatitis C
  • Outreach nursing and social support services

Contact: 16132334443 or