CASON- Addiction Supportive Housing Program


Supportive, sober housing while you work on your recovery. The clients will live independently in the Niagara Region with peer support and regular visits by the Case Manager. The housing will consist of both individual, clustered and/or communal living environments, with the focus being on peer support. Safe stable housing is an essential part of this treatment program. To assist with this a rental supplement will be provided.

Intensive Case Management

This is the main focus of the program. Case Management assists clients to first stabilize their situation. Identifying client’s substance use and treatment goals are part of a comprehensive treatment planning process.

Later work emphasizes the acquisition of skills in daily living, developing coping strategies and new healthier behaviors. Ongoing screening, assessment, monitoring, referral, advocacy, counselling, education and life skills training are all part of this program

Contact: 19056841183 or [email protected]