YWCA - St. Catharines - Anti Human Trafficking

“Home, to New Beginnings” is a safe house where up to 6 survivors of human trafficking can access secure housing and resources in a healing environment. This safe house fills a void of support for survivors of human trafficking that currently does not exist in Niagara and is the first of its kind in Ontario. “Home, to New Beginnings” supports survivors beyond the need for physical shelter, but also addresses the unique emotional needs of those who have experienced unthinkable trauma.

Named and informed by survivors themselves, our safe house meets survivors wherever they’re at in their healing journey. Survivors are so much more than their human trafficking story – they’re whole human beings with strengths and passions and futures. Our team is here to provide an opportunity for survivors to heal from their trauma on their own terms and provide the resources necessary to make it possible.

Contact: 19059883528 or [email protected]