Central Church KW

What we believe about the world and about ourselves determines how we live and what we live for. In short, our values and purpose in life are rooted in our convictions. Mankind was created by God and in His image. All human life has inherent value and we are called to treat each other with dignity, respect, and love. We’re to live in community in the same way that God has always existed in community (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). One of the indispensable expressions of godly community is involvement in a healthy local church.

The purpose of mankind is to bring glory to God by finding our satisfaction and joy in Him through faith and obedience to His commands and knowing God as a loving father. But here’s the thing: We can only know God as Father by accepting the need for Jesus’ redemptive death and experiencing the accompanying spiritual ‘rebirth’ as sons and daughters of God.

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