KW Chinese Alliance Church

COVID-19 Update: The provincial government has announced that Ontario will go into a province-wide lock down starting on December 26th. Our church on-site worship can only accommodate up to a maximum of ten people. If the government has any policy changes that would affect the arrangement of the on-site worship, you will be notified by email through the fellowship/cell group and church website. Please pay attention.

We will devote ourselves to bringing the Gospel to all the peoples unto the end of the earth. The Scripture, as God's very word, constitutes the sole rule of our Christian living. Our church is just like a large family. Among us are members from all walk of life, both young and old, married or single. We have families and we have students. With Jesus' love, we strive to meet your needs, that your life may be further enriched.

May our Lord's rich blessings be with you.

Contact: 15197461693 or info@kwcac.ca