Sanguen - Community Health Van

For many years, Sanguen has worked with people who have, or who are at-risk of, Hepatitis C. While doing this work, we recognized one really important fact: people can’t focus on their health if they have other, bigger, important needs.

Unfortunately, people often experience significant barriers to accessing health and social services – even though there are many agencies in the Waterloo region doing incredible work. At Sanguen, we decided that it was time to bring the services to people who need them – and so, in 2015, The Van was launched!

There’s no point in re-inventing the wheel, so we work in partnership with a lot of great agencies who have been providing health and social services for many, many years. The work we do together is client-driven, community supported, and highly responsive.

Since 2015, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive: people are thrilled to see us each week and they continue to spread the word.

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