Shekinah International Outreach Network

Rev.William C.P has been called by the Lord Jesus with an apostolic calling and annointing which has proven by the gift of the Holy Spirit, the fruits of his ministry and life. He travels every year more than 30 over countries to fulfill the End Vision and Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

He takes with him those who have been called to those called to involvement in the mission field who are interested in going on a mission trip with Pastor William are welcome to contact 

Shekinah International Ministry is networking with Churches, Mission organisations, Charities, Children's Homes, Bible Institutions in the following countries keeping USA, CANADA & Singapore as Head Quarters such as

South America, Central America, United Kingdom, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Germany, Swiss, Norway, Italy, Cyprus, Israel, Middle East, Australia, Fuji, New Zealand, East Timour, Indonesia, Malaysia, East Malaysia, Vietnam, Combodia, India.

Contact: 12263381594 or revwillcp7@gmail.com