Erie St.Clair Clinic - Hepatitis Support

Hepatitis Support and Treatment Program:

Offering diagnosis assistance, disease status assessment, mobile clinics, support and treatment of persons with Hepatitis C Living in Southwestern Ontario.


Direct support is a key component of this program, as support is provided throughout all phases of HCV treatment. One on one counseling and education is provided with a registered nurse. There is one central clinic but other clinics are held at other locations in the Windsor-Essex area. An addiction counselor and laboratory testing is available at the main site. Bi-weekly blood tests are required during treatment as are monthly appointments with the RPN. Patients also have phone access to the RPN in order to address any urgent concerns that may arise.

Contact: Kamillo, Clinic Nurse for support and treatment options:

Telephone Direct line : (519) 946-0267 or through Clinic (519) 977-9772 or by [email protected]

Contact: 15199779772 or [email protected]