Essex County Diversion Program

We are a non-profit agency governed by a voluntary Board of Directors. The Essex County Diversion Program serves youth ages 12 - 17 throughout Windsor and Essex County with core funding from the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, Ministry of Attorney General and the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Youth Diversion is committed to supporting youth exhibiting at-risk behaviours and encouraging them to reach their full potential. Our programs encourage youth to develop skills that promote a positive response to self, others and the community. We are focused on fostering values such as integrity, responsibility, commitment and caring for young people and their families in our community. We promote and encourage changed attitudes and behaviours by providing challenging, accommodating programs and services in a variety of inviting settings. We support youth who are experiencing difficulties at home, school or with the law.

Contact: 15192533340 or info@essexcountydiversion.com